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About CK Architectural Bristol & Bath

We are a rapidly expanding and multi award winning team made up of designers, technicians and architects working across the Bristol and Bath areas, all supported by a fully trained support team behind them, working on projects of all shapes and sizes to make sure every single one of our clients has a personal, tailored service that’s delivered in the perfect way.

We operate at both commercial and residential levels within the organisation to ensure that every project gets the skills, expertise and experienced hands behind it that it needs to reach its fullest potential.


Chris Lawson


Chris is the founder and managing director of the CK Architectural team. He founded the business back in 2015 and set the whole business in motion to be the best firm in the country. Dedicated to only the best quality at affordable prices and being able to work with any project, he is driven to complete his vision of delivering the best possible service, designs & builds to every client.

Kevin O’Leary


With over 26 years of expertise in the design and management of building projects for a variety of clients including, residential, healthcare, commercial, education and pharmaceutical, Kevin is passionate about assisting individuals in fully optimising their properties. His technical proficiency ensures that his designs incorporate practical and sustainable solutions, making him an invaluable resource for property owners.

Liam O’Brien


Liam is our longest-serving architectural designer and is incredible at the craft. He works with the architectural team to make sure that every design is up to scratch, working on his own work as well as helping others, and even works with the sales team too, making sure that with his technical knowledge, everything is perfect for both current clients and those still waiting to take the plunge.

Stephen Gale


Steve is our longest serving architect, spearheading projects of all shapes and sizes. He’s worked with huge commercial clients as well as smaller residential projects, giving each and every one the care and consideration they need, all the while, still never hesitating to go the extra mile and make sure clients have the best experience working with us and have the most successful project.

Matt Sharp


Matt is a pivotal designer for the CK team, operating across the whole of the Yorkshire county as well as working with clients across the rest of the country. He takes on projects of all sizes too, taking them from initial designs, surveys and any other client-based service right through to planning, building regulations and the project management stage.

Charles Speight


Charles is a skilled technician working with the CK team. Based in West Yorkshire, he works on projects all over the country making sure that they are designed perfectly, supporting the architectural team and working with clients directly to ensure the perfect design. No matter what the project requires, Charles has the skills to complete it.

Graham Carr


Graham is our longest serving architectural technician/technologist. He works with the rest of the team with his technical knowledge to solidify designs and drawings into practical and sustainable solutions that can be brought to life seamlessly.

Josh Daniel


Josh works with the whole team at varying levels to ensure that projects have everything they need to be successful in their design and applications. Working with clients directly as well as supporting multiple members of the team across the country, Josh provides a key role to the design team and is pivotal to our delivery.

Donna Wright


Often the first port of call, Donna is the most experienced member of the CK sales team, spearheading client relations and making sure that every question a client may have about their project is answered, without all of the jargon. She makes sure our clients are happy and always informed about their project, no matter what stage of the process they’re in.

Karen Kirby


Karen is very much the driving force behind the business. She makes sure that all projects are moving forward as planned, all designs are at the highest quality, all of the staff members across the entire business know what they’re doing and when, and taking care of everything finance, too. That’s on top of helping out with sales and marketing!

Deniss Korsakovs


Deniss is our resident software architect. He single handily created the systems in place than manage the entire organisation, allowing the team to implement the most cutting edge software in the industry that he improves every day. He also keeps the websites running smoothing, helps with marketing queries, and deals with the business’s I.T. issues too.


Commercial, retail and industrial developments

If you are a business looking to build new premises, transform an existing building or extend current facilities, we can help. CK Architectural provide an excellent commercial architectural service to suit your individual needs ranging from a feasibility study through to full project management. We work closely with consultants from other fields to achieve the results you require in a number of areas.

Delivering good commercial building projects involves design and coordination of information to produce a cohesive package from which to build, with strong management and leadership. CK Architectural has the knowledge and skills to deliver a broad range and size of projects, designing offices, retail buildings, factories and warehouse/storage space. Please give us a call and we will be happy to run through your requirements and attend a Free Initial Meeting so we can discuss with you in more detail.

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