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Building Regulations & Building Control Drawings in Bristol & Bath

Building Control Drawings, Submission and Liaison from Architectural Experts

Building Control approval for building work is essential across the whole of Bristol, Bath and the rest of the UK, which is precisely why CK Architectural offer bespoke building regulations to drawings across the entire Bristol & Bath areas.

Our drawings come in a range of different depths and packages to ensure that you have what you need for your building work to be as successful as it possibly can be. We tailor all of our building regulations drawings to your project uniquely, giving you all of the things that you need without anything that you don’t, 

That is all with free building control submission, liaison and amendments as instructed all included in our service (building control fees still apply).

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Types of Building Regulations Drawings

CK Architectural offers different levels of building regulations drawings to ensure that we only provide our clients with the services that are suited best.

Standard Building Regulations

Standard building regulations drawings include the essentials required by building control for approval to be granted provided everything is acceptable. This doesn’t include any additional information regarding the build, however.

Detailed Building Regulations

Detailed building regulations drawings include all of the information added to the essential drawings, as well as more specifics of the finished build too. This includes things like light switches and sockets, finishings, and more, all of which helps builders to understand the scope of work and give more accurate pricing when quoting for the job.

Building Notice

Working drawings are the highest level of building regulations drawings available. They set out all aspects of construction for a project, looking at finishes, plumbing, electricals, joinery, and much more all in one set of drawings for builders to work from directly following a site assessment to account for any specific tweaks necessary. 

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Other Services We Offer

In addition to these services, CK Architectural also provides a vast number of other architectural services to help your project be a success. This ranges from designs and concepts to the planning process, 3D visualisations, and so much more.

Project management is the most comprehensive service that we offer. In this, we will create any required drawings, gain all submissions, vet and select builders alongside you, and oversee the entire build from start to handover, performing site and quality checks regularly to ensure your build is as it should be without any unexpected surprises.

Whatever you ended for your project, contact the CK Architectural team today and we will do everything that we can to help.

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