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Project Management

Our building & construction project management service is quickly becoming highly sought after with our clients in Bristol & Bath who simply wish for an experienced professional to take control and run the project on their behalf

Building & Construction Project Management

No matter what your project, the management of the build is always one of the most daunting and stressful processes that people tend to go through. There’s a huge amount of time, effort and money on the table, and for what is such as important part of people’s lives, it really can take a toll. This is where the CK Architectural Project Management Service can be the perfect solution for the whole build.

We work with you and with the builders involved to ensure only the highest quality work is carried out, by managing every single step of the project right until the point of completion where we’ll hand the reigns back over to you.

The main goals of project management are controlling and organising

  • Programme
  • Cost
  • Payment control
  • Build quality
  • Ensure required compliances

The project management service begins when the planning and building regulations stages finish, and whether that is through the services of CK Architectural or any other firm, we can take on almost any project in the Bristol and Bath areas.

Delivery of the agreed programme cost and quality to the agreed scope of works is vital to a successful project, and we provide the following items which assist in achieving the objectives.

Construction drawings

Once you have planning and building regulations approval, the first stage of the project management process is to create working drawings or construction drawings. These are detailed drawings that highlight the more detailed aspects of your build, such as fixtures and fittings. All of this can be used by your builder to carry out the most accurate build without issue and make sure you’re getting accurate and reliable quotes from the builders who can work on your project.

Schedule of works

Working with the builder, we develop a schedule of works to ensure that the builder and the client are understanding of what is to be expected and when. This not only helps you to prepare for the easiest living situations throughout the build but also to set exclusion zones where required and generally ensure that progress is being made and the right standard, preventing any wasted time or money.

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The first part of the construction itself comes from tendering the project. We work with you to carefully handpick builders for the work, as well as vetting them with you to ensure only the perfect workers are used for the job. This takes away the worry and concern over poor quality or cowboy builders and adds that extra layer of protection to your project.

Contract Administration

Following strict industry practises, we also administer contracts to all parties involved in the build to ensure there is a clear and detailed contract to protect everyone’s interests. This is where working conditions, payment, and any other detail is discussed and agreed to, preventing any issues down the line, or to cover you if they should occur for any reason without question.

Site Inspections

In order to make sure the work being done is carried out to the highest quality possible, we also perform regular frequent site checks and inspect the quality of work. This prevents any build up of issues and makes sure that any problems are dealt with in a timely fashion that doesn’t become a headache for you later on down the line.

Once the project comes to a close, our role is to ensure it is ready to hand back to you when it is actually ready to use. We curate a handover process working with you and your builder, where we’ll check for all the necessary paperwork and certificates, check the whole build and log any snags that need to be rectified, and initiate a 3 month defect period where you can get any additional snags you find repaired as you use the build.

Project management can bring many benefits to your build which include saving you time, stress and money. We can achieve this as we bring to the project:

  • Our expertise and experience
  • Become a single point of contact for the build.
  • Improve the efficiency of the project
  • Ensure good communication throughout the project
  • Control costs, programme and quality.

Our fee for project management is based upon time during the project but as guidance, it is approximately 5% of the build cost.

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