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Garage Conversions


Full architectural services to convert garages across Bristol & Bath

Garage Conversions

Converting a garage in Bristol and Bath is an incredible way to build more space, add to your property value, and provide a unique space that’s ideal for separate activities from the rest of the house without the need for larger projects, all by using the structure you already have.

We work with both detached garages and internal garages right across the whole of Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas, with a wealth of experience inc resting everything from annexes and man caves to playrooms, home gyms, offices and more. 

We’ll work with you and not just for you to make sure the space you create is perfect for your exact needs.

Designing a Garage Conversion

The first part of the garage conversion process is always to analyse and decide on the overarching details that will really make the garage conversion a success.

There are, of course, the essentials of good design like being purpose-built and future-proofed, but there’s much more than these top-level considerations too.

A garage conversion in Bristol and Bath has to consider more things than typical property renovations may need to, including things like ventilation, heat, natural lighting, insulation and more, all on top of the other essentials you’ll need to make your room functional for it’s intended purpose (with things like power and plumbing often being involved in that too).

Then of course there’s the aesthetic. The materials, the glass use, the flow of the room…, the list is endless, but having a team as passionate as CK Architectural means you’ll always have the design that really works best for your property, all taken care of by a team of passionate professionals.

CK Architectural

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Planning Permission for Garage Conversions in Bristol & Bath

Generally speaking, garage conversions are in the sweet spot of planning permission considerations. Because they are so small and utilise existing structures, they generally fall into the Permitted Development category of works.

That means that there’s no need to get planning permission at all, for the most part at least. No rule is without exceptions of course.

Whether you do or don’t need planning permission is of course something that we will have in mind from the start of your project to ensure that any work we do with you will be viable and have the highest possible likelihood of success, and we’ll keep that in mind throughout every single step of your design and project.

Building Regulations for Garage Conversions

Building regulations are often required for garage conversion projects that intend to have a habitable space as the end result. We send these building regulations drawings to building control, where they then determine that the project is up to code and safe to build, and these drawings can then be used by a builder to get a better understanding of what the project is actually going to involve.

Building regulations drawings look at things like light, insulation and efficiency like we mentioned above, but also things like fire safety, access, structural calculations, and a wide range of other factors that go into making a compliant build. Again, we’ll be aware of all of these considerations from the start and give you the full picture of what you’re going to need before any work begins. We’ll also submit your drawings to building control for you too, free of charge after we create your drawings.

Converting the Garage

Once you have all of your drawings and designs in order as well as any permissions or approvals you need, the only thing left to do is for you to bring your build to life. We can recommend builds for the job as well as offer a range of other services you can utilise too.

We offer a comprehensive project management service where we can oversee your build for you, hire the right builders, tendering contracts, mediate any issues and generally save you from getting caught in any stresses or dramas, solving problems before they even arise in many cases.

We check in with the project regularly, inspecting the site every two weeks as well as helping wherever else we can too, all at around 5% of the build cost. Contact us for more information on this whenever you like throughout your project.

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