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Glass Extensions and Orangeries

Glass Extensions in Bristol, Bath, and across the county.

Glass Extensions and Orangeries in Bristol & Bath

Glass extensions and orangeries are often the most popular type of extension we offer to our clients in Bristol & Bath, transforming homes all through the simple use of light, open space and adding the feeling of bringing the best of the outside, inside.

We create functional, practical space that works seamlessly with the rest of your existing property to add both value to the property as well as a space that is truly transformational, all done in the most innovative ways in the industry. Our team of architects and designers work with clients across the entire Bristol county on glass extensions and orangeries, giving us a wealth of experience in creating your perfect project.

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Orangeries are likely the more well-known form of glass extension that you may find on residential properties.

They use slightly less glass than other forms of glass extensions do like classic glass extensions, and instead, blend in brick or stone in keeping with the rest of the property, creating a more traditional aesthetic that still offers the modern luxury that orangeries and glass extensions are famous for.

Our team of architects and designers understand how orangeries can really make the most of your extension’s potential, and we give this information directly to you, ensuring nothing but the best for your home’s future addition.

Glass Extensions

Glass extensions are a much newer trend to the market than orangeries, and are more of an innovative yet stunning-looking addition to any property they are designed to fit in with. Encompassing the latest in architectural and glazing technologies, the superbly efficient glass use enables a light and modern feel resulting in a truly beautiful space that’s as comfortable as it is breathtaking.

There is an occasional doubt cast against glass extensions due to the attitudes that surround conservatories from the 2000’s period, but with all of the advancements within building and architecture since then, these structures offer far superior insulation, build quality, longevity and house value, all in one stunningly picturesque package.

Design Considerations

Any glass extension or orangery in Bristol, Bath or any of the surrounding areas is more than likely to need some of the principal design considerations to truly reach its full potential.


The main thing to consider when adding a glass extension or an orangery to your property is the actual purpose behind its conception. Are you looking for more family space, somewhere to relax, somewhere to entertain, or for the kids to play? It all affects what will be best suited to your finished extension and is something that we always centre our design around to ensure it’s the perfect fit for you and your property.

Material Choices

Materials may sound like an obvious discussion when it comes to a glass extension or an orangery, but in actual fact, there’s much more to it than meets the eye. Although an experienced designer or architect will be able to advise you on this throughout the design phase, the general considerations are between things like the use of stone or brickwork compared to glass ratios in things like orangeries, as well as complimenting materials used like Planar or Glulam to really make the most of the space. It all affects the finished look and can really take the extension to a new level.


Glass extensions in the vast majority of properties in Bristol and Bath are perfectly suited to a glass lantern-style roof, but you do of course have more options open to you than just these. You can choose anything from vaulted ceilings to flat roofs, Velux style lighting and anything in between, but again, a competent designer will be able to show you these options before you begin your build.

Project management

As well as designing your glass extension or orangery, our organisation also prides itself on the fact that we are able to offer our clients project management as well as just designs, planning drawings and building regulations. 

A member of our design team that best knows your situation will be on hand throughout your build process, helping you to select the right builder for the job, to administer contracts, to perform regular site and quality inspections, and to generally ensure that everything is up to scratch and above board at each step of the way, preventing any possible issues as and where possible reducing any headaches you may face along the way.

This is bespoke to each client and project alike, but it is something that we’ll be able to give you all of the information that you need at any stage of the architectural process.

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