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Sustainable Architectural Services in Bristol & Bath

Sustainable, Green Architectural Services Available Across Bristol & Bath

Sustainability is at the heart of all good modern architecture. With construction at the forefront of innovation and environmental impact, sustainability in architecture and the built environment is pivotal to Bristol, Bath and the area alike.

Because of the size of Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas, embedding sustainability into the architecture has never been more important than it is today. Whether your project is a small residential project or a large commercial or even housing development size job, our team have the knowledge and the skills you need to make it more environmentally impactful than ever before.

We’re able to do this by incorporating sustainability from the very beginning of the project journey. That spans from the initial design and concept stages, through to planning and regulations and even project managing the build, helping you to select the right specialists and professionals at every stage all of which align with your sustainability requirements.

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Sustainable Design

With the technologies and architectural innovations that exist today, any architectural work especially in a thriving area like Bristol or Bath should have sustainability at its very core. That stands for projects of all shapes and sizes no matter what work they require, or from who.

Our team takes on board the scope of your project along with your budget and the actual purpose of the finished build itself and incorporates the best fitting solutions wherever it is possible, all giving your project a light of efficiency and sustainability.

From utilising existing structures and materials through retrofitting methodologies to the latest in styles, material choices and technological advancements, we ensure that at every step of your design, you’re forward thinking, future proofing, and environmentally conscious for years to come.

Carbon Efficiency

With carbon emissions becoming a huge point of interest for governments around the world, including the UK, Bristol is a prime spot to encourage low carbon architectural work, and that is precisely what we aim to achieve. 

Again, we utilise the most efficient materials we can and even from the most low impact sources with menial carbon footprints alongside offsetting if relevant to the project. Add this to passive thermally efficient methodology such as blocking too much heat from the sun in warmer months and capturing as much natural light and heat as possible in the winter, and carbon reductions can be made quickly and effectively across the board.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a large part of sustainable architectural design, and with more resources to support the implementation of this than ever before, it is something that the CK team is extremely passionate about supporting.

Our team have knowledge in heat pump use, solar, wind and even hydropower, and much more alongside this, all ready to be used in your project however possible. We also keep up to date in all relevant technologies in the industry as and when they become available, keeping us always primed to give you only the best advice and services in the industry.

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