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Education And Schools

Education and School Building Architecture in Bristol & Bath

Education and School Buildings

Behind every truly successful educational establishment is the very architecture that allows it to function effectively. By enabling efficiency, encouraging inspiration and giving character to the establishment itself, architecture is fundamental in helping schools, colleges, universities, and everything in between to thrive as they so should.

This is precisely why we work with any required stakeholders across the entire school ecosystem. From the staff who will be using the newly designed building to the governors, local authority and even the public, our services can be as inclusive and structured as they need to be, all to give you the most viable and effective solutions possible all catered to your exact circumstances.

Communicating Your Project

At the very core of our educational building architecture services has to be communication. This is precisely why we offer an extensive range of additional services for your design process, ranging from sketches and concept designs to full 3D architectural visualisations, walk-throughs and photorealistic designs, all giving you the insight you need into the project at hand. 

The comprehensive nature of our national, award winning organisation in addition to the network of industry professionals that we work with means that we are able the utmost efficiency for your project, including everything from build costs and speeds to environmental impact, future proofed technologies and everything in between.

The Design Process

We believe in offering all of our clients a complete service when working with us on projects of any size or scale. This is why all of our school and educational services provide all RIBA work stages, beginning with pre-designs, concepts and feasibility studies and go right through the planning stages, regulations, and even building project management too.

We can offer as much or as little as required for your unique case in any of these senses, including offering specific services like tendering the build, vetting workers, regular site inspections, and generally ensuring the most cost-effective build following any design work.

Building Standards

The architectural process is ever evolving, and we remain at the forefront of this, constantly adapting your knowledge and skill base to include the latest in technological advancements in sustainability & energy efficiency, minimising the impact your organisation has on the environment and helping to protect the world for those you are educating.

Whether you are a local authority school, a Russell group university, a private college or anything in between, our team has the resources you need to make your project truly successful. Contact our team today and we’ll discuss everything that you need for you to make the most informed decisions before you make any commitments.

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