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Commercial Design

CK Architectural offers a wide range of business solutions for commercial architectural needs that can be implemented to any scale required with the utmost expertise, efficiency and success

Commercial Architectural Services

CK Architectural offers an extensive range of commercial architectural design solutions. We will work with you through the design brief and familiarize ourselves with your operations. We develop custom buildings tailored to allow your commercial operations to run smoothly, whilst future-proofing for the expansion.

As a part of our commercial work, we also offer strategic site planning, producing accurate digital plans to help you see better alternatives to your current operating layouts.

We can take your project from feasibility and concept design to planning and building regulations approved drawings ready for tender and finally a precisely managed construction project. We are always improving our knowledge of building processes tackling sustainability and energy conservation strategies.

Designing and planning

We can take any sized project through both the design and planning processes, using our in-depth knowledge of trends and materials as well as our extensive experience in the architectural field to create an effective design purpose-designed for exactly what you need and ready to move forward to building stages.

Structural engineering

Structural engineering and calculations are pivotal to a commercial level project. These will be used throughout the design process to ensure that your build will be safe and efficient in what it needs to do, meeting all relevant legal requirements and also utilising your budget as best as possible through the use of the best material choices.

3D visualisation

Understanding the real-life potential for your project can be essential for many commercial stakeholders, and our 3D visualisation tools are the best way to make that happen. We can create simple 3D outlines or completely photo real designs to give you the most accurate image of what you’re working with, perfect for internal and external use.

Project management

We also offer our clients a complete project management package, designed to manage your build entirely for you, all under our experienced guidance. We’ll regularly inspect your project and ensure consistent progress without wasted time or money, giving you the lowest cost build possible while ensuring the best quality too.


Our industrial expertise is ideal for creating warehousing, factories, offices and any other business-related project.


Retail spaces designed to maximise profitability through efficiency and consumer-focussed planning.

Building developments

Small or large developments that are designed by seasoned housing professionals ready to bring your ideas to life.

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