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Structural Engineering

CK Architectural can help with your structural engineering and calculation needs across Bristol and Bath

Structural Engineering

As a specialist architectural design firm, we have a wide network of professionals across the Bristol and Bath regions on hand to help you and your project wherever you need it, and that includes an array of structural engineers.

The experienced team at CK architectural are specially trained in calculating the structural requirements of projects and builds of all different requirements, as well as working alongside others to ensure that every required detail of our client’s projects can be taken care of with the utmost professionalism and highest quality.

We can cater for anything from loft conversions to portal framed steel buildings, concrete, glass, timber, and aluminium. All we need is the information you have and the project it is intended to be used for.

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How we Can Help

Structural engineers offer a pivotal service to many architectural projects. They have the specialist skills and knowledge as well as the authority to be able to advise on decisions surrounding your build and provide you with the calculations that you need to create a building control approved project.

Our structural engineers are proficient in all matters of safety regulation, building regulation requirements, and all other planning processes to create a successful build no matter what the plan.

The information provided by us once completed can be used to provide building control with the required information to allow your build to take place as well as being up to the standard of planning officials to grant permission as well.

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