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Single Storey House Extensions Across Bristol & Bath

Whether you’re looking for kitchen extensions, living room extensions, side extensions, rear extensions, or front extensions, CK architectural can help across the whole of Bristol & Bath areas with any type of house extension.

House extensions in Bristol & Bath are a great way to add living space to your home. They provide you with the space you need by adding new rooms or even helping with existing room layouts by adding open spaces or hidden away coves of relaxation. Rear & side house extensions, for example, are a great way to incorporate practical spaces like utility rooms, open plan kitchens, study areas and anything else you should need. Front extensions on the other hand may be better suited to enhanced living spaces, immaculate entranceways or even impressive feature rooms to be the pride of your home.

Whatever your house extension needs to do for you, the CK architectural team can help make it happen. With years of design experience in taking house extensions in Bristol & Bath from designs through to planning stages, building regulations and even project management, We have all the tools that you need to create the perfect addition.

We work with you at every step of the journey too, ensuring you have exactly what you need without compromise. Contact us today for free quotations and advice on your project and we’ll do everything that we possibly can do to help.

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Single storey house extension design considerations

Our experienced architectural design professionals will talk to you in depth about your requirements, timescale and budgets. We will work with you to see what works best for your family’s needs and budget, advising of any potential pitfalls we may see and once we have a clear understanding of your requirements along with your ideas we will work together to get the best design options for you.

The main areas that will affect the design and buildability are:

  • Affordability
  • Planning Constraints
  • Buildability
  • Lighting
  • Neighbours
  • Visual Impact

We offer a free consultation in the comfort of your own home and offer all the advice you will need.

Finalising your home extension design

Before we take on your house extension, there are always a few key areas that we look through in detail with our clients to make sure everything is in place for the best project possible. Things like the current size and layout of your home, plans for your house’s future, the purpose of the extension and anything else we need to know are great places to start.

Coupling that up with things like potential planning limitations, like boundary walls, lighting, privacy and even aesthetics all help us to create a finalised design that’s your perfect fit, presenting you with options along the way so that you can make the best decision.

Single storey extension planning permission

Most single storey extensions can be built under permitted development rights unless they are larger than the limits. We give you all of the necessary advice and where necessary make permitted development enquiries on your behalf too, so you’ll know what the most likely course of action is going to be before you make any final decisions.

We know exactly what is legally required to be in place before you begin any building. Our clear planning application drawings present your design in the correct scales, site maps, and any other relevant documentation to validate the application. We will check the design against the planning guidance such as overdevelopment, impact on the street scene, right of light, overshadowing, loss of amenity and outlook, massing/dominance, loss of privacy, all giving you the best possible chance of success.

Building regulations for house extensions

Our detailed building regulations plans will include all the necessary detail for your house extension in Bristol or Bath, such as structure, the passage of sound, disability access, drainage, resistance to moisture, collision, impact, heat loss, ventilation, light, an emergency escape and much more. Most alterations to your home will require a building certificate from a building control body, either local authority or private building inspector.

Once the design and planning have been approved you will then need a detailed set of drawings. These drawings can be used for gaining quotations and will be checked against as the building is inspected. Our specification demonstrates the new extension can and will be built in accordance with the building regulations approved documents. These building regulations drawings will then be submitted for a full plans check, amended if necessary and once approved they will be the standard that is built to and inspection against. Drawings will be used when the building control officer inspects the build to ensure the builder is carrying out the works correctly.

Building your home extension

It’s always important when choosing your builder to do your research. Choose someone with experience, reviews, and someone you would feel comfortable working with and talking to about your concerns. Make sure you are clear with your timescale, expectations and specific finishes.

When a builder provides you with a quote, it should be easy to read and have reference to our detailed approved building regulations drawings. Ask who will be doing the work, will they be sub-contracting and who is responsible. Make sure you know when you need to pay check their payment structure and be comfortable with it. Don’t always go with the references they give you, it’s not hard to find out where else they may have been working.

On our drawings, we try to add as much construction detail as possible, but some assumptions have to be made and certain areas investigated before moving forward. We will offer help throughout for both you and the builder and we will come to site if help is required, as well as offering a comprehensive project management service to take care of all of this alongside you, too.

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