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Complete Commercial Project in Leeds

  • Complete Commercial Project in Leeds


SafeGuard Armour is an industry-leading body armour manufacturer, with a large presence in the UK, Europe and North America. Founded in 2006, they have seen rapid growth in their business at an international level, and as such, need to ensure they have the facilities to enable their operations to perform successfully and efficiently. That is exactly what they were able to do as a result of working with the CK team, having their designs, planning application and building regulations all handled by us, as well as managing the build of their project too.

The brief for the project revolved around the central theme of the Leeds based headquarters bringing together the showroom for the business as well as an up to date, intricate office for the staff to operate from. To get that, a tired industrial space had to be completely transformed by our team. This, alongside the vast space for operations and dispatch, enables the business to evolve further than their previous location with restricted access and lack of office space would allow.

The CK team was led by CK Architect Stephen Gale, who worked with the client through the entire architectural process from conception to completion, ensuring that the project was masterful, and purpose-built in every step and resulted in a truly magnificent and future-proofed creation.


Stephen Gale

The project began with initial designs and concepts, working with the client to design the facility they needed for their operation to excel. Guided by our expertise and industry tested knowledge, we ensured a comprehensive and effective design that was a perfect fit for the SafeGuard business.

The next step of the stage was the planning process, at which point we created the planning drawings, and worked with the local planning authority to get all relevant information and support before the application was submitted. This helped ensure a successful application well fitted to the area and maintained the efficiency of the completion of the project in line with the businesses aims.

Following this were the more technical building regulations drawings to ensure the build itself would be of only the highest standard in line with the rest of the work produced, and with the vision of the finished creation. We worked with a private building inspector along with our client to develop the design that was both feasible and efficient, factoring in all relevant materials, budgets, structural calculations and every other area of the project guaranteeing the project to be as streamlined as possible.

Finally, the creation of the building itself was also overseen by Stephen Gale too, who managed the entire project directly. This meant working with Safeguard to choose the correct and most cost-effective builder for the job, maintaining a positive working relationship among all parties, upholding clear channels of communication, and performing regular site inspections to make the project as efficient as possible in order to maximise the client’s budget.


  • Project Management
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